Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much does LikeItAll cost?
$10.00 USD / per month. Buy a licence key and we will email it to you. You can cancel anytime.
How does it work?
LikeItAll uses the cookies stored in your browser. So long as you're logged-in to Instagram, it will be able to like Instagram posts from your account.
What does reset do in settings?
LikeItAll shows a total of all links it has processed. Pressing reset, will return that total to zero. Also if you have a large number of links in the auto-mode queue, hitting reset will empty the queue.
I wish LikeItAll could do X, or that it worked on website Y.
Send us an email at and we'll see what we can do.
Does LikeItAll work on an phone, mobile device or tablet?
Unfortunately no.
Can I use LikeItAll on multiple machines?
Currently LikeItAll only supports one machine per license.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes we do, please email us at
What is slow-mode?
Enabling slow-mode will make LikeItAll work slower, it's good for really large lists.
Does it work on multiple Instagram accounts?
Yes, it will. Close all open Instagram tabs and then open a new tab to and log-in with a different Instagram account. LikeItAll will keep track of which Instagram account liked which posts.
Does LikeItAll work in Chrome or Safari?
We are still waiting for approval from Google for our chrome version. We are hoping to get LikeItAll on Safari soon.


Can Instagram detect LikeItAll?
LikeItAll does not use any bots. It uses your own browser to like posts on your behalf. Completely indistinguable from your own traffic patterns.
Is it safe to use?
There is always a risk when using social automation tools. With great power comes great responsibility.
How many Instagram posts can I like per hour/day?
200 per hour is probably a limit you should follow, and 2000 a day is probably plenty. Accounts that are new (less than 6 months old) should stick to much lower limits.


I'm getting an error: Login/reload Instagram tabs
First close all open IG tabs, then open a new tab and go to and make sure you are logged-in.
I'm getting an error: Reload engagement thread tabs
First close all open FB, Telegram, or your engagement thread tabs, then open a new tab to FB, Telegram or your engagement thread and make sure you are logged-in.
I turned on Auto-mode and nothing happens.
Make sure you are logged-in to Instagram, and on Facebook / Telegram and also that you reload that browser tab. If you're still not able to get Auto-mode working try hitting 'reset' on the setting screen in LikeItAll. If you're still having issues feel free to send a Report with a description of your issue and the LikeItAll Team will get back to you ASAP.
It didn't like all the links / It stopped liking when there is still some links in the queue.
Try closing all open IG tabs. That should get it started again.
I'm getting an error: Looking for server: S4 or S5
LikeItAll is having trouble contacting our servers for validation. Check your internet connection
I'm getting an error: Email Not Found: S1
Your email-address and key-code do not match any records in our database, please make sure you're using the correct email-address and key-code you were sent.
I'm getting an error: Email/Key Failed: S2
Your licence for LikeItAll is only available for a single machine. Please log-out and log-in again which will fix the error. Make sure you haven't shared your licence on a 2nd machine.
I'm getting an error: Email/Key Failed: S3
Your email-address and key-code do not match any records in our database, please make sure you're using the correct email-address and key-code you were sent.
I lost my key-code / I need you to resend my key-code
Go to and enter your email and we'll re-send your key-code.
I need to change the email-address I used
Go to and log-in using your existing email and key-code and you can update your emaill address. Also you can email us at and we can change if for you.
LikeItAll is slow / It stops after a while
Some browsers will throttle background tabs. To change this setting see
IG links turn red / IG links return 405 error / IG links return 'This page isn't working'
You need to clear your cookies. Open a new tab to
and in the field 'search cookies' type 'instagram' and click 'REMOVE ALL SHOWN'